Artica is Home

Artica is Home

The Artica festival is unlike any other festival in St. Louis.  From the unique post-industrial setting to the interactive nature of the event, Artica lives and breathes creativity and innovation.

We have taken a very unconventional space that is decaying and ignored and turned it into a playground for artists and participants of all ages. Every person who attends must interact in some way… simply getting to the event requires interaction with the landscape and its history.

  There is no vending, nothing to be bought or sold. We are not selling you funnel cakes and beer; we are providing you a canvas for self expression. People come out and camp for days to further immerse themselves in the event taking food and other parts of everyday life and making it part of the creative experience, by cooking as performance for example.

There are no limitations on what a person can experience or express, barring illegal or unsafe activity. The event has been created with the simple hope of engaging our community to create using whatever is at their disposal. Many people who attend Artica are not artists, they are not unconventional people or radical thinkers, yet they come to the event and find a place filled with all manors of people and projects from marching bands to yogis to fire performers to engineers. From this there is a sense of real unity and a challenge to think of each person as a part of ones community.

  No matter a person’s artistic ability they are encouraged to create something, anything, even if it is a boat made from a cantaloupe with a straw mooring and a hanky sail to carry in the Boat of Dreams parade and release onto the river. Seasoned artists are challenged to do something interactive when they may only usually do oil on canvas or clay sculptures. Through the artistic expression and inclusion that takes place at Artica each participant, volunteer, artist and community member is challenged and inspired by the small parts of the whole.


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